Do It With Your Own Style, Simply Your Own Creative Vision, Just 5 Minutes Here

Even this flower have their own creative vision in this world

Everybody have their own vision about everything. Now, when I just sitting on my chair, with my job, something in my mind flashing. It's about our creative vision in our life. I start this note with the question What is the meaning of "creativity" in our life....? What do you think about your own creative vision, what's the meaning ? I am sure everybody have their own meaning, their own vision about " creative". But if we too straight, too rigid with the old meaning of that word, it's too bad for us. Be creative with your own meaning about creative definition. You must create Your own way, your own style about your new vision.

For me creative is the time when we can explore our need, our mind without border it with our definition. Creative is when we can carry on our life without constrain. If you can keep your smile even you are very sad, you are a creative people. If you can solved your problem in honestly way, without waste your time with your bullshit dream, you are a creative people. If you can reach your happinnes on all situation, with your own colour, your own vision, you are creative people. Do it with your own style, your own new vision.

Dont waste your time, dont loose your hope, dont loose your opportunity, you can be creative if you want. Make it simple, suitable with your conditions, comfortable with all your situation. Have a new soul, Simply your own creative vision. Everything is depend on you. Be creative, be happy, be meaningful, with your own vision. It's your life. Start your day with your own creative vision. Hm....I start my creative's day with my garden. My flower always makes me smile, always make me fresh and happy.

Here some steps for simply our own vision about our creativity :
  1. Make your mind free, free your mind, make free your opinion about creativity. Yoris Sebastian (a young experts creativity in Indonesia) said "get out from your box". I prefer to say...dont be too rigid with your old definition about creativity, dont be too rigid with yourself. Sometimes we need to get out from our old habitual action, our old mind/soul (as long as we do it with honestly way).
  2. Manage our competency, develop our capacity in everything, what ever that we interested. Dont be ashame to ask with other people, ask from the expert. Hm....sometimes, even a common people (in his simple way) spontaneouly can give us a creative thing. Yeah, learn from everything on our environment.
  3. So, I tell you this word, the show must go on. We have to always make a development with our own creativity. Because the creativity will never die, as long as we always learn from everything. Give it a special time to check the development of our creativity. Sometimes we need to make some contemplations to check our life. We need to check the development of our creative vision in our life.
  4. Do it with our happiness, with all our purity, with our own soul, our own style. Dont worry be happy to be different, you are a creative people with your own style, your own vision.
Well it's all that I can tell you about our new creativity with our own vision on our own style. Let's try it. So what do do you think...? Let's make a discussion about it, if you dont mind.

Dalam bahasa Indonesianya kira-kira inilah yang ingin saya katakan. Hiduplah secara kreatif dengan visi anda sendiri, jangan membatasi diri dengan definisi dan pengertian kuno yang kita milki. Bagi saya kreatif adalah saat dimana kita bisa melanjutkan hidup kita dalam semua situasi dengan cara yang jujur, keluar dari batasan, memecahkan masalah kita dengan cara bersahaja, penuh hikmah, dan tetap senyum dan bahagia. Lakukan dengan gaya dan cara anda sendiri. Anda bisa menjadi keatif bila anda mau, semuanya tergantung anda. Maaf saya terpaksa menulis di atas dalam bahasa Inggris (tarzan ala saya, hehe) karena, rupanya, blog ini kadang-kadang dimasuki juga oleh bangsa lain yang suka protes karena hanya meraba-raba apa yang saya maksudkan. Tidak kreatif ya, padahal ada google translate, just kidding. Mari kita diskusi bila anda berkenan.


  1. kreatif dalam penulisan juga bagus

  2. pursuing the dream greater than ourselves. bener tuh bu, jangan membatasi diri... :)

  3. @Zumairi, thanks. Sy sdg terus belajar.
    @Mas Baho, you're right. Everything beginning from our minds. Thanks for your comment and your coming here.

  4. @Hillath, yeah I agre with you,in other word...if we want the big thing, we have to do a big thing too. Hey I just completed my posting with the description steps.

  5. hi sister...assalamu'alaikum...come here to make a new blogger friend...& hope you can visit my blog....

  6. Nice article Mbak Elly, thanks for sharing. Only greedy people like to stay out of their own creativity. Moreover, copying other's creativities to fitted themselves into the world. Pitty them, aren't they?

  7. @Mel, wa'alaikumsalam, terimakasih sdh komentar.
    @jengSri, Yeah, it's only a weakness. Creativity will never die, as long as we develop it, even there's an adulterator/plagiator. Sy miris jg setelah tau ada yg memalsu ID anda. Tapi tenang aja, yg asli pasti lebih berkilau, hehe.

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  9. Hello Sis.. Nice to see you again, First of all i want to tall you that you make me a big fan of yours. as far as the above mentioned post is concern this is Zaberdast.. mean (Great). I want some more good stuff on Motivation, Success, Focus, Vision etc. Keep posting the good stuff. & Keep in touch. Take care
    With love from Pakistan

  10. @Farrukh, with my pleasure. Just come again and again here. Maybe next time I'll write all those thing( such as success, focus, vision)as you asked. But, sorry, here.... I'm just write something in mind with my own vision, my own style, my own opinion. I'm not a textbook people (Sorry, I hate to be like that, hehe). I'm not a good trainner or a teacher too, brother. Ok bro, peace. Thanks for your comments.


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