Reality is merely an illusion, But Sometime I Hate To Hear That

Reality is merely an illusion (Albert Einstein). Yeach, for some people that statement maybe is absolutely right. But for me, reality is a something in my eyes, I can't close my eyes untill it's clear.

It's about a disaster, tragedy in Situ Gintung, Tangerang, part of my country. So many problems in my lovely country, not only about the people (poverty, corruptions, etc), also about the environment. In this problems, I think we need to rewatch our development. If we doesn't take care our environtment (our soil, our rivers, our water, our buildings) absoletely..... occuring a disaster.

I am melting..... with this situation.


  1. saya setuju itu adalah ilusi, karena realitas kan hanyalah hasil dari sebuah tindakan dimasa lalu...

  2. kita suka merosakkan tapi tak suka membaiki kembali...

  3. @bayu, hm.... ilusi yang menggenaskan.
    @Zumairi, ya itulah realita yang ada. Kami harus bekerja keras memerangi kerusakan yang ada. Kerusakan fisik, kerusakan jiwa dan kerusakan moral ini.


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