It's About Loving Yourself

It's easy to say "I love you", I love my husband/wife, I love my familly, I love my parent, I love my world. But....., factually it's dificult to realize that word. Otherwise we have so many conflict with that word. Yeach, give me a break, all we can do with that word, firstly we must be honest with ourself. Everybody have a positive and negative side, nobody perfect. Love your self, charity yourself...., after that you can love another people with your heart.

Look at the roses in this notes. Lovely rose, isn't it? I take this picture by myself. I give you this rose (ups, sorry, only the picture) with love. But fistly I need my energy, my spirit, my enthusiasm, my purity to loving the rose, to make it growth with that lovely colour, lovely charming, day to day, everyday. I do my best with love. I do it with my happiness. It's all about love....., firstly love for my self, love from the bottom of my heart for myself with honestly way.

All we can do with love your self first. After that, we can do so many thing in the word with love. Trust me.


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